Verity IA StripScan - Who Uses It:

Verity IA StripScan - Who Uses It: from Verity IA Software, LLC

United States

Company Profile
A break-through advance in counting dirt, specks and other anomalies in paper has been developed by Verity IA Software, Inc., and is being adopted by makers of packaging grade paper and board. Verity IA introduced the industry to using desktop scanners to obtain dirt counts in full color, counting both light and dark anomalies in a single scan.
Now the new StripScan Dirt Count System from Verity IA makes the scanning process much more efficient by scanning an entire reel strip in one step and obtaining data from the entire strip without having to cut the strip into multiple sheets that each have to be read on a desktop scanner.

And it’s fast: a reel strip from a 270” machine can be scanned in under a minute. The strip image is stored in memory where it is analyzed using the specifications chosen by the mill quality technicians and engineers. The data results are returned to on-screen reports and written to Excel, a process that is complete in under 5 minutes.


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