The TMI Group of Companies manufactures instruments to measure the physical properties of materials including pulp and paper, film, foil, ink, coatings, nonwovens, plastic, rubber, textile, adhesives, ceramic, metal and corrugated. Instruments are available to measure more than fifty properties including adhesion, abrasion, friction, compression, tensile strength, impact, internal bond, softness and thickness. TMI's GraphMaster software is available for the acquisition, display, analysis and storage of test data.

The TMI Group of Companies' vision is to be the global leader in testing instrumentation and services; committed to total customer satisfaction through people, technology, and continuous improvement.TMI has a network of sales offices and agents throughout the US and in over fifty countries, offering product sales, startup installation, preventative care and maintenance, repair and technical sales support.

The TMI Group of Companies consists of Testing Machines, Inc. (Delaware, USA), Messmer Buchel/Buchel BV (Veenendaal, Netherlands), Adamel Lhomargy SARL (Roissy en Brie, France), CMC-KUHNKE (Berlin, Germany), FIBRO System AB (Stockholm, Sweden), TMI Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China), and PT. TMI Asia (West Java, Indonesia).