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These formulated systems coat easily and cure quickly onto a broad range of paper or film substrates to give the release properties required in diverse applications.

In an industry with an infinite combination of possible substrates, adhesives and manufacturing processes, the technical challenges can only be met by the widest range of silicone release materials.

Our full spectrum of technological solutions enables silicone coaters to enhance their products for release applications used for self adhesive labels and tapes, protective strips for medical and hygiene products, graphic arts, stationary, industrial packaging and cooking/baking papers to name but a few..

The SILCOLEASE® range is unique in its ability to cover all technologies used in silicone release coatings.

* Solventless Thermal: Pt catalysed vinyl reactive polymers.
* Solventless Radiation: Epoxy chemistry with cationic cure, Acrylate chemistry with free radical cure.
* Emulsion: Both Pt and Tin catalysed systems
* Solvent: Both Pt and Tin catalysed systems

Within these product groups there are comprehensive ranges of base polymers, crosslinkers, catalysts, release modifiers and other performance additives to tailor our SILCOLEASE® release system to meet your needs. Elkem Silicones release coating industry specialists are a vital element to help you choose the right SILCOLEASE® system.

As a pioneer in the release coating industry for more than 30 years, Elkem Silicones has been at the forefront of many of the most exciting technological advances.

Elkem Silicones has set itself the mission of partnering its customers in jointly developing tailor-made solutions to best meet their functional requirements. Besides its outstanding expertise in Silicones technology, Silicones also gives its customers access to other technologies and expertise within the group.

Elkem Silicones understands your desire for differentiation, and you will be amazed by how our systems can help. What we care about is what you need, put our team to the Test!