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MoistTech is recognized as the most advanced and world's leader in moisture technology for online process and laboratory moisture instrumentation using NIR (Near Infrared) and RF (Radio Frequency) Technologies. With over 25 years of moisture technology experience in the tobacco, paper, converting, food, snack food, powders, forest products, chemical, wood, mining, pharmaceutical and gypsum industries, MoistTech has established the most extensive user base in the moisture management industry.

In addition, thousands of moisture analyzers are installed on MoistTech applications, not only for the measurement of moisture, but also for other applications, such as measuring and controlling: coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, plastic film thickness and many other constituents.

MoistTech's moisture testing headquarters are located in Moorpark in southern California and is a full design, development and manufacturing facility with all requisite in-house capabilities allowing quick reaction to customer needs and providing exceptional product support.

MoistTech is dedicated to the development, design and marketing of NIR analyzers for online process moisture measurement and laboratory or at-line moisture measurement. Recognizing such products already exist, our goal was to create not just another NIR moisture gauge, but to analyze the deficiencies of existing gauges, incorporate customer feedback & new technology available, together with our own extensive knowledge into a superior sensor design. MoistTech's moisture sensor products include NIR analyzers for single and multiple constituents with both on line and laboratory versions.

Featuring so many advances in both hardware and software and with a state of the art new optics design, MoistTech's new moisture sensors is market leader in the field of moisture measurement. MoistTechs transmitters are the most accurate, advanced and affordable on the market for the process and quality control in manufacturing process. Our mission is to deliver the most precise, accurate moisture/process control instrumentation at the best value.

Our customers have been overwhelming positive since the introduction of our gauges to the market. MoistTech's near infrared analyzers can work in the harshest of environments. They are totally unaffected by any ambient lighting and operates much cooler than any competitive gauges. They have the most sophisticated yet user-friendly calibration software routine.

Going Green? Or trying to cut costs? MoistTechs moisture analyzers are the answer! Incorporating MoistTechs moisture gauges in your process will save you energy, fuel and waste, making your facility more productive. There will be no more over drying, cooking, or any out of spec product while lowering energy and fuel costs while having 100% product quality inspections resulting in increased profits.

MoistTech experienced technical personnel are available to answer questions, assist in calibration and training and provide on-site support when required. If you have questions or need information, contact our moisture testing headquarters or send us an email.
MoistTech, the universal leader in moisture measurement technology, currently has 4 regional offices (located in Australia, China, Europe and the USA) and over 40 local offices located in numerous countries around the world. For more information on our NIR Moisture Sensors, Online NIR Moisture Transmitters, Laboratory/Benchtop Moisture Transmitters, RF (Radio Frequency) Sensors and any of our accessories please contact MoistTech. We look forward to working with you!