In 2008, Ausenco acquired Sandwell Engineering Inc. which was formed in 1986 by the merger of two well-established Vancouver-based firms: Sandwell & Company and Swan Wooster Engineering.

Ausenco is a leading provider of engineering and project management services to the global resource and energy sectors. We combine ingenuity with insight to deliver effective end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Ausenco's specialists offer years of practical experience in a wide range of grades, including linerboard, corrugating medium, tissue, towel, coated and uncoated printing papers, newsprint and specialty grades. Our work extends from minor modifications to new pulp and paper mills installations in either existing or greenfield plants.

We have an excellent reputation for our ability to assess the performance and capacity review of a mill and define opportunities to increase productivity, quality, efficiency and profitability. Integral to our approach is the use of mass-balance analysis, part of the capacity review we commonly apply when evaluating equipment performance.

Whether the problem concerns limitations of the paper machine or of the interacting equipment, we either define an operating condition within which the equipment can perform well, or specify the modifications required to remove the bottleneck.