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Applied Paper Technology Inc.

1935 Delk Industrial Blvd. Ste. B Marietta, GA 30067 United States of America Tel: 678-627-0222

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We are an independent laboratory serving the paper, paperboard, and packaging industries. We have extensive ...

Flexicraft Industries

2315 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60612 United States of America Tel: 312-738-3588

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Flexicraft Industries is your one call for every style of metal, rubber, and Teflon expansion ...

Horiba Instruments Inc.

17671 Armstrong Ave Irvine, CA 92614 United States of America 949-250-4811

PCE Instruments

711 Commerce Way Suite 8 Jupiter, FL 33458 United States of America Tel: 561-320-9162

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... leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality test, control, lab and weighing equipment, offering more than ... ...

BYK-Gardner USA

9104 Guildord Rd Columbia, MD 21046 United States of America Tel: 800-343-7721

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Hardness testers to test indentation resistance and pendulum hardness

... application and level of precision needed in your test results. Pendulum Hardness Tester Buchholz Indentation Tester Dur-O-Test The Pendulum Hardness tester is very precise measurement ...

Dry film thickness gages for a wide range of applications

... and eddy-current for non-ferrous substrates. byko-test 4200/4500 byko-test 8500 DUALSCOPE MP0R The byko-test 4200/4500 is an economic dry coating thickness ...

Paint Adhesion Testers for different adhesion test methods

... testing instruments in this product category. Search for test-charts in application, for film thickness gauges or ...

Drawdown cards offer an inexpensive substrate to test coating properties.

... Gardner offers a high quality drawdown chart to test paint quality for color, gloss, opacity, and physical ... during the production process assures that the paint test charts have the most consistent color and gloss ...

Paint film applicators are used to provide a consistent dry film thickness.

... and Sagging applicator is designed to perform two tests with one device. 2120 Step Gap Frame 2230 ... method 4494 0810 Leveling/Sagging Tester NYPC Leveling Test Blade Anti-Sag Meter Pfund Cryptometer The NYPC ...

Flexibility testers for testing elongation and adhesion of paint surfaces

... flexibility to withstand cracking under stress. A common test is bending a coated panel over a cylindrical ... bar. A mandrel bender is commonly used to test for paint flexibility. A cupping tester is another ...

Physical Test Information - BYK Additives & Instruments

Physical Test: Technical Information Principles of Viscosity Measurement BYK-Gardner Catalog 2010/2011 pdf .pdf, 0.3 MB Measurement ... Catalog 2010/2011 pdf .pdf, 0.6 MB Test Methods for Hardness Evaluation of Coatings BYK-Gardner ...

Physical Test Videos - BYK Additives & Instruments

Physical Test Videos Gardner-scrub Are you interested in the abrasion resistance of your paints and coatings? The Gardner- ... tester. Discover how simple and easy an impact test can be done. mp4 .mp4, 39 MB byko- ...

Abrasion Scrub Tester for testing the resistance to abrasion of coated surfaces.

... important property for paint and coatings. An abrasion test is also common for tile, flooring, furniture, wall ... to wear the surface. Besides abrasion testing, washability tests can also be performed. Stain resistance and detergent ...

BYK-Gardner dry coating test instruments

BYK-Gardner offers a comprehensive product offering to test dry paint film. ... Coatings & Plastic Testing Abrasion Adhesion Testers Balances Adhesion test methods. View Product details View Product details View ...

The permeability cups measures the water vapor transfer through a paint film.

Permeability Permeability Test The permeability of coatings is an important property to measure the water vapor transfer through a paint film. ... resistance under high humidity conditions is an ideal test to measure the permeability properties. Water vapor permeability ...


... included Gradient oven, Exhaust tube, Glass plate (1), Test panels (25), Marking strips (25), Operating manual 2636 ... 2602 and 2610 to protect heating bank 2623 Test Panels gradient-oven Text only: For application of ...

BYK-Gardner offers the traditional and digital design microscopes

... microscope line is used in conjunction with specific test instruments. The stereo microscope is an optional accessory ... to measure indentation length for the Buchholz hardness test. The BYK-Gardner stereo microscope is designed to ...

BYK-Gardner liquid coatings test instruments

BYK-Gardner offers a comprehensive product offering to test wet paint film.

Conductivity Meter to measure the conductance of solvent based coatings

... is for solvent-based coatings only. The conductivity test is easy to perform. Conductivity Meter LC-2 ...

Technical Information - BYK Additives & Instruments

... Gardner measuring instruments for appearance, color and physical test. ... Information Appearance: Technical Information Color: Technical Information Physical Test: Technical Information Follow

Seminars & Training - BYK Additives & Instruments

... reinforce learning. Physical Properties 101 Learn how to test objectively the physical properties of wet to dry ... Lab Seminar This seminar offers a practical weathering test overview. Learn whether outdoor exposure or artificial weathering ...

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... and to perform scrape adhesion and mar resistance test of coatings. ... they are applied. There are three different adhesion test procedures to assess the resistance of paints to ...

TABER Industries

455 Bryant Street North Tonawanda, NY 14120-7043 United States of America Tel: 716-694-4000

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Taber Industries manufactures test and measurement instruments that aide in the understanding of material physical properties such as bending resiliency, resistance to abrasion ...

Arizona Instrument

3375 N. Delaware Street Chandler, AZ 85225 United States of America 602-470-1414

Korutest Limited

19 Orchard Place Lynmore Rotorua New Zealand 64-73-4534-88

Curt G Joa Inc.

100 Crocker Avenue PO Box 903 Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085 United States of America Tel: 920-467-7368

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... array of existing converting modules, we actually build, test and verify the process on our test stands. With this approach, JOA can provide shortened ...

Gurley Precision Instruments (GPI)

514 Fulton Street Troy, NY 12180 United States of America Tel: 518-272-6300

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Since 1923, GENUINE GURLEYTM film, sheet, tubing and paper-testing instruments have been the industry standards ...

Advanced Packaging Technology Labs Inc.

200 Larkin Dr. Ste. H Wheeling, IL 60090-6498 United States of America Tel: 847-520-4343

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... Labs is a full-service testing laboratory. We test packaging, consumer and industrial products, and materials, and we can satisfy your testing needs. We are an independent testing ...